18 Oct, 2019

Six Million Reasons to Celebrate

By Jeanmarie Papelian, Executive Director

I’m pleased to present to you ATP’s fall 2019 Trees for Life newsletter. This is an exciting time for ATP. As I write these words, we’re preparing for “Forest Summit: Global Action and Armenia,” which ATP is co-sponsoring together with American University of Armenia’s Acopian Center for the Environment. Experts from Armenia and around the world will gather to discuss the challenge of reforesting Armenia. Stay tuned for reports from this exciting event!

This spring we kicked off a year-long celebration of ATP’s 25th anniversary. We’re proud to say that since 1994, ATP has made enormous strides in combatting desertification in the region. Almost six million trees have been planted and restored, and hundreds of jobs have been created in our tree-related programs.

Forests, community planting sites, and backyard nurseries span throughout the entire country, preserving Armenia’s natural resources. ATP’s environmental education programs protect the trees today and for the future by educating the next generation to be stewards of the land. By supporting ATP’s 25th anniversary fundraising campaign, you can help ensure the long-term vitality of Armenia and our environment, and improve the standard of living.

In this newsletter you’ll find information about our fruit tree production and snapshots from some of our 25th anniversary celebrations around the country. You’ll meet a young ATP ambassador from Connecticut, and see a sample of our fun materials for children. Finally, ATP’s friend Sevag Ajemian, a technology leader and environmental sustainability enthusiast, shares a thoughtful article about using trees to fight climate change.

With the changing weather comes fall planting season and the planting of ATP’s six millionth tree! Thank you for supporting us in this important work.

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