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Our Initiatives
Community Tree Planting
This flagship program focuses on planting native trees at more than 1,000 urban and rural sites in over 300 towns and villages in Armenia and Artsakh. These trees provide shade, clean air and water, protect against dust and erosion, and produce more than 300,000 pounds of fruit annually to benefit local communities. Our fruit and decorative trees are propagated at three nurseries as well as from our award-winning Backyard Nursery Micro-Enterprise Program run by families in Aghavnavank Village.
We operate three nurseries in Armenia. The nurseries in Karin and Khachpar villages employ more than 20 full-time workers and supply 50,000 to 60,000 high quality fruit and decorative trees per year for our Community Tree Planting program. Some of the varieties include apricot, peach, pear, maple, ash, and pine. Our Mirak Family Reforestation Nursery in Margahovit Village has a capacity to grow one million tree seedlings, and it supports our reforestation operations in the Lori region of northern Armenia where we have planted hundreds of thousands of trees.
Through large-scale forestry, we seek to restore the forest cover which has been lost due to unsustainable harvesting and Armenia’s energy blockade. The Mirak Family Reforestation Nursery in Margahovit supplies hundreds of thousands of seedlings that we use for large-scale planting each year. Successful reforestation is combined with locally based poverty reduction and community forest management to protect existing resources. We hire hundreds of seasonal workers each year to assist in the planting and maintenance of these fledgling forests.
Environmental Education
We conduct environmental education training and workshops in collaboration with the Ministry of Education in every corner of Armenia. Thousands of schoolchildren visit our two Michael and Virginia Ohanian Environmental Education Centers each year. These centers--one located on the grounds of our Karin Nursery and one located in Margahovit Village--provide hands-on and classroom instruction focused on all aspects of the environment.

We have also published the "Plant an Idea, Plant a Tree" book (available in English and in Armenian) which has been recommended by the National Institute of Education as a manual for science teachers in secondary schools.

Copyright © 1994-2017 Armenia Tree Project, a project of Armenian Assembly of America. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 1994-2017 Armenia Tree Project, a project of Armenian Assembly of America.
All Rights Reserved.