Volunteer Opportunities

Armenia Tree Project offers a Summer Volunteer Program in cooperation with Birthright Armenia/Depi Hayk Foundation.

We offer a limited number of volunteer positions in the following ATP program areas: Public Relations and Outreach, Environmental Education, and SEEDS (Social, Economic, and Environmental Development for Sustainability).

Selection depends on your background and specific area of interest, and the following is an overview of some of the volunteer positions available:

All applicants to ATP must meet the following eligibility criteria established by Birthright Armenia:

  1. A minimum stay in Armenia of nine weeks, working in ATP for at least 30 hours a week
  2. Must be of Armenian heritage (at least one grandparent)
  3. Must be in the 20-32 age bracket
  4. Must have graduated from high school
  5. Former citizens of Armenia are only eligible if they can prove, by official documentation, that they left Armenia before the age of 12
  6. Have not previously been sponsored by Birthright Armenia.

If you are interested in the ATP volunteer program, please click here to download the application in PDF format, or email info@armeniatree.org for more information.

Applicants selected by ATP should apply to Birthright Armenia/Depi Hayk Foundation for reimbursement of their air ticket. For more information visit www.birthrightarmenia.org.

Volunteers are encouraged to apply early since the number of positions available is limited.

Note: Many prospective volunteers want to plant trees. The actual planting season is a very short window of 2-3 weeks in April and again in October. We generally don’t offer the opportunity to plant trees because that is done by staff, seasonal workers, or people trained by ATP from local communities during the spring and fall.


Copyright © 1994-2018 Armenia Tree Project, a project of Armenian Assembly of America (Tax identification number: 52-1614093). All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 1994-2018 Armenia Tree Project, a project of Armenian Assembly of America.
All Rights Reserved.